Special top brand was founded in 2010 sprouted winter; when we travel to South Korea, Miss Korea tour guide said: Chinese people travel to Korea mainly to shop. South Korean cosmetics, women, mobile phones and so loved by the Chinese people in Korea to ensure not buy fakes, China too many fakes. After listening to these words, heck. But on reflection, bounteous Greater China, flying from the sky with Boeing, Airbus; the ground ran Mercedes-Benz, Toyota; the hand of Apple, Samsung. China is not our own products, which makes us feel humiliated. Since then we have determined, we must develop a high-end product for the people proud.
Felt mobile phone is not very good, and there are various defects. At that time the phone is divided into functional machine intelligent machines and two types of functions to make a call is easy, but difficult to use the Internet; Internet is quick and easy intelligent machines, but the trouble call. All phones are not available in the market and notebook office functions. We wanted to start developing a best use of mobile phones began to let people around the world to spend to create China's high-end mobile phones.